Our First Time Buyer Program is built for people that have a job and need a car, but do not have the established credit that most lenders require.

Because we have access to finance programs from multiple lenders we have the ability to find you the perfect program for your situation. We have first time buyers that qualify for both new and used vehicles.

Do you: 
Have a job? 
Have income of over $1,200 per month? 
Have proof of address? (Lease, utility bill, or other mail) 
Have a driver's license?

If you answered yes to those questions you can be approved.  Call 888-901-5077 now to schedule your appointment.  

Q. Is this Guaranteed Credit Approval? 

While we are proud to offer Guaranteed Credit Approval to our customers our First Time Buyer Program works to minimize your down payment requirement and give you a reasonable interest rate by using conventional banks instead of finance companies. Every situation is different so we want to sit down with you and go over every financing option available. 

Q. Can I apply online?  

Yes. In fact right on our website is a link to Apply Online. If you are a first time buyer though there is no real reason to apply online because without established credit the system will likely not automatically approve the application. We ask that you meet with us before sending in an application so that we can make sure we are matching your application with the right lender. Remember, our goal is not just to get you an approval but to get you the BEST approval. If you do want to  apply online click here.

Q. What if other dealerships have denied my application?  

If you have been denied by other dealerships it may not have been your fault. Although most dealerships have the same lenders available to them large dealerships usually only want to deal with easy applications so if your situation requires some extra work they will simply move on to the next application. We work every application and examine every program available. We are not afraid of working hard in order find the perfect approval. 

Q. Do I have to choose from just used vehicles? 

No. We have programs that apply to both new and used vehicles, in fact, some programs prefer new vehicles because of the warranty and rebates. 

Q. Is there fine print?  

Not really. Come in, meet with us, and let us work for you. We felt bad not having some sort of small print though so here is every disclosure line we could think of. Not all buyers will qualify. With approved credit. See dealer for details. Final interest rate will be determined at the time of approval. Down payment will vary with the severity of credit. Vehicles subject to prior sale.

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